Lead the industry with market disruptive, utility grade, distributed “grid tie” solutions

NEX-G Energy ‘Roof Mounted’ and ‘Pole Mounted’ architecture is a market innovator in Smart Grid interactive solar system designed for maximum harvesting in rooftop installation but specifically adapted to streetlight poles, bus shelters, open car parks, etc. This innovative technology allows our micro-generation and utility partners to simultaneously address Renewables Obligation and invest in a smart grid technology that extends the reach of Energy Technology and Communications Control in the smart grid and in microgrids.

NEX-G Grid

NEX-G ENERGY designs and manufactures innovative state-of-the-art solar electronics products & technology with integrated licensing OEM technologies in utility grade Micro-Inverter solutions, Solar ReGenerators and Solar Streetlights with a Smart Grid enterprise platform in Secure Control, Monitoring and Communications Management Systems.

Leveraging over 25 years experience in communications electronics, and control systems monitoring with the past 8 years in smart grid and solar technologies, NEX-G ENERGY embodies the Next Generation positioning in our “state of the art” products & technology manufacturing heritage.

The heart of NEX-G Energy products and technology is the high power utility grade solar microinverter. NEX-G Energy systems are compatible with existing grid infrastructure. Our unique intelligent communications system is compliant with emerging Smart Grid technology. These systems can be remotely upgraded to leverage future applications and standards as they emerge. NEX-G Energy systems brings solar on-line faster, enabling our generator partners to deploy meaningful generation utilizing existing assets and time tested deployment strategies. The systems consist of high efficiency PV modules and the NEX-G microinverter with comprehensive communications capability and the ability to improve power quality and grid reliability. Remote monitoring and control is achieved through an integrated communications network that creates an Internet based Smart Grid backbone when deployed on a large scale. The price of a NEX-G Energy system is highly comparable to traditional PV technology (i.e. centralised string inverter architecture), yet a NEX-G Energy solution provides a high differentiator in measurable better return when installed at a utility level.

NEX-G Energy “ready-to-deploy” systems are built to operate on streetlights, micro-generation on utility poles, car parks, residential rooftops and ‘all size’ commercial rooftops and provide unsurpassed value for utilities and local authorities.

A new offer in managed solar street lighting to Cities, Local Authorities, Councils and Associated Businesses that generate green energy and feed it back into the grid at a profit building up to energy self-sufficiency in the urban environment, notwithstanding the commercial feed-in-tariff benefit in microgeneration.

Generate income, cuts carbon emissions and delivers more control with less energy. The solar streetlight designed to generate more power than it uses.

Open for use with all type of lamps, luminaires and smart sensor electronic ballasts. No battery.

Our strategy is to support and facilitate micro-generation and solar implementation where NEX-G Energy is helping to enable rapid deployment of solar infrastructure to ensure stable, future proof, solar energy on the grid. NEX-G Energy will help clients navigate regulatory boards, utility commissions, local & central government, NGO and aid agencies to quickly realize the benefits of bringing additional solar generation capacity on line and to fast-track means of achieving the Renewables Obligation. The NEX-G Energy team is uniquely equipped to provide Utility ROI analysis and rapidly deployable systems when rate based approvals are required to add solar infrastructure.

NEX-G Energy will work with Utilities, Government and Micro-Generators to develop and roll out scalable solar energy programs with a unique offer in energy savings grid-connected solar streetlights and integrated monitoring and control systems quickly and reliably – the infrastructure to green digital cities.